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    Poate intelegeti poate nu ... vom expune aici blogurile lor online ...


    気を使ってくださったのでしょうか、急に店内BGMがアンカフェになりましたm(_ _)m

    Va ofer sansa de a le citi blogul lor si in engleza
    Originally Posted by An Cafe

    I'm back o(≧∀≦)o

    Nyappy o(≧∀≦)o it's Miku. Everyone I'm back☆ I got to experience a lot of things during the overseas tour, it was very nice. When the location is different, the culture is different too, and the language is different, but the nature of the Cafekkos themselves didn't change at all. Everyone's so energetic, and most importantly during the lives I felt their kindness. Every time, as we did a live, I noticed all these things I lack. But there was also lots of things I gained☆ I'm thinking it'd be nice if this gets tied together with the Japan tour too o(≧∀≦)o And, when you go overseas it's so fun to take walks. There's all these stores lined up in the streets and they all have such cute things. But, whenever I thought something was cute, it was during a photoshoot so I couldn't buy it...But I thought I definitely wanted to buy this one thing, so I bought the Cafekkos a cute stuffed animal of Paddington. This bear is wearing a hat, and long boots and such and it's so cute. There's books about this guy so please try reading it.

    And yesterday, I had Punk Man do my hair for me. I made my bangs longer. I have hair up to around my jaw *laugh*

    I'll have fun with this new hair style for a while now. Whenever I look at the mirror it's a new kind of feeling. Well then, Nyappy o(≧∀≦)o


    I'm sensitive to the cold.

    This is Teruki.
    I went to the dentist today, but they told me I have 4 cavities(*_*) *shock* And on top of that, the anaesthesia was working in me so although he was explaining all kinds of things to me, I couldn't speak well and,

    Nagata "Hiryou ni nyan hyuukan kakarun refuka?" (Chiryou ni nanshuukan kakarun desuka?)"
    (He meant to say: "How many weeks will the treatment take?" but it turned into baby talk)

    Doctor "What? What? What did you say?"

    He kept asking that back to me, so the conversation didn't move ahead at all.

    I want to talk about the Europe tour, yet again, but during this time's Europe tour, I personally made 1 more new dream! The dream is, when I go to a World Tour, I want to take my parents along with me. As I was looking at the beautiful sceneries and buildings in each country, I thought that I wanted to show this to my parents someday too. I want them to see each country's sceneries and buildings, and eat each country's food, and see AnCafe's live in each country. I want them to see the people in each country yelling out my name. For this time's tour, every single country had such amazing member calls even before the performance, and the staff people told me "When your mom gave birth to you, she probably didn't even imagine that all these countries in Europe would be doing a Teruki Call~". I want to make it a reality some day.

    And, this is sort of related to that, but this time I came back liking Disney a little bit(^_^Wink In the airplane they were playing a couple of Disney movies. The language wasn't Japanese so I couldn't really understand it, but I was watching the animation and I thought "It''s actually kinda cute...". And the fact that most of the characters are animals gets high points. Yes, I kind of...want to go to Disneyland...

    Good night~.


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